Forget Resolutions, pick a Word

My friend Zohary introduced me to the One Word 365 movement last year – that instead of picking an endless list of resolutions (and then beating myself up if I don’t keep them) – I will pick one word that defines the year.

For example, if I pick “Energy” I can view everyday through the lens of that word – maybe tonight I’ll go to bed earlier, tomorrow I’ll try to make better food choices, and keep on going! It’s not a resolution to keep or break, it’s a reminder, a mantra! for the year.

Last year I picked “Home” and shared with you my intention on BaldMamaSpeaks. Truthfully, I think it was a good year in the Home front. I spent time making our living space cozier and more organized, and despite the piles and piles of lego surrounding me at this very moment, I think I’ve made progress!

And this year?

One word keeps returning to me again and again.


As I was driving down to LA with the family, I found my chest tight for no reason. It was as if I forgot to breathe deeply if I wasn’t thinking about it. Or if I was having any stressful thought at all, I hold it in my chest.

Breath is also connected to the divine, as many others have explored before me. I’d heard that YHWH, the ancient, unpronouceable Jewish name for God, was connected to breathing – and was in fact, a prayer in itself. I stumbled upon this post by Rabbi Arthur Waskow that explores this concept further – in essence, that the name of God is unpronunable in words, but pronouceable in breath.

I breathe in the Divine. I let go of my cares. I breathe in the Divine. I start every moment fresh.


What’s your word for the new year? Post your intention in the comments!