Big Trees

I grew up in Minnesota, and Labor Day firmly marks the end of summer. So, despite my kids having finished their second week back at school, it still feels like this weekend marks the end.

I’ve been reflecting on all the good moments this summer – beaches, mountains, corn fields, family, friends – and as I flew back from my latest trip of delicious nuzzles with my baby nephew I read an article in Sunset magazine on the “Lost Coast” of Northern California.

The author Daniel Duane stood under the immense redwood trees and felt the “cathartic understanding of the immensity of creation and also of one’s blessed insignificance.”

That’s how I feel about God.

That when I am most connected, I am awe-struck with pure amazement at the creation surrounding me, and at the same time, reminded that I am but a small blip in time on this earth and this world that is beyond understanding. And then there’s the word blessed. That too. That though I am a grain of sand in this universe, I am pre-approved.

Big Trees.

We visited the park by that name this summer too, and I stood beneath those giants, awestruck.

What a gift to be reminded of the vast beauty of this world, to get perspective.

Summer for me is about relaxing, and also getting perspective. Nature helps. So do mountaintops, grains of sand, and staring at the amazing city that I love from the window of an airplane.

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