The word delight has come up a lot in what I’ve been reading lately, including a chapter from Tattoos on the Heart, a quick and compelling read by Gregory Boyle and his work with LA gangmembers.

After spending a truly delightful week with my toes in the sand and my body in the water, I reflected on my friend who now has her own pool! and who admits doesn’t swim in it daily. After spending a half-second thinking I would swim every day I realized that a source of my delight – walks in nature – lies literally right outside my door, and that many days often go by without a walk in my beloved canyon.

I ripped myself away from the computer in the middle of a workday and took a walk in the midday sun.

Moment of delight.

What delights you? What are the moments you can take now, today?

Here’s a poem I wrote about delight, taking a phrase from a beloved poem by an author I need to look up and cite here:

“This is enough, and still there is more.”

Delight, by Megan Himan


Seeing the sun set from an airplane window

Feeling the nuzzle of a smooth nose into my neck

Looking up to see a sea turtle swimming past

Closing my eyes and feeling the warm sun on my skin

Reading those words and laughing, again, at their absurdity and truth

Listening to the hum of my child lost in building his creation

Running, just because I can


This is enough, and still there is more.


A dog’s tail, wagging

Clicking fingernails against the keys

A happy, five-year-old booty shake

The song that makes me sing along

Cherries that stain my fingers.

A pause.


This is enough, and still there is more.

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