The Hard Work of Being Deliberate

I wrote this post last weekend, on an airplane. Here’s to being deliberate!

I’m on a plane back to San Francisco, and since it’s Saturday, I’m cautiously continuing my Sabbath experiment with no media use for the day.

Only I’m flying on Virgin America – with those nifty seat-back media screens – and I’ve had to press the off button no less than four times in the first hour of the flight. It seems the pesky thing keeps turning itself on again – tempting me with a movie or a distraction from the sitting still with my own thoughts for hours at a time.

I’m realizing that’s the way it is with anything worth doing. That it’s not just a decision in a moment in time, but a steady pressing of the off button to what the world wants me to do, versus what’s right for me in this moment. Like cleaning my desk! I gear up to spend hours to get it done, and then a week later – it needs maintenance. Continued attention.

My friend Andjana sent me a New York Times article about the The All or Nothing Marriage today. The jist is this: people today have the possibility of more satisfying and enriching marriages than ever in history – but marriages take more work than ever before. The connection and work and loyalty of a shared life isn’t something that can be taken for granted in a mutual need of each other  – but is something that must be invested in, or lost.

I just finished a great novel “The Story of  a Marriage” by Andrew Greer.  It’s full of twists and turns and is set in San Francisco which is fun. But ultimately it’s the story about relationships, love and passion and the movements in a long span of life that define us.

So I’ll keep pressing the off button today. Only four more hours to go!

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