Life with a Soundtrack

I was so surprised watching the Olympics this week when I saw the snowboard champions pull earbuds out of their ears at the end of their runs to talk to the media.

Really? Listening to music during competition at the Olympics?

The Blaze posts this article about Olympians listening to their own beats on the way to victory.

Life with a soundtrack.

Music has often been an afterthought for me. I’ll spend all day in a room, and then someone will turn on some music and I’ll sigh, thinking about how different I feel. Or I’ll only realize, after a CD has been on continuous repeat for two hours, that I am really angry and will march over to rip those speakers out of the walls!

Power of music.


One of my favorite parts about the church I attend, Cornerstone, is it’s unconventional worship format. Twenty-five minutes of music, followed by a sermon, followed by one song. That’s it. It was way different at first from the church I attended where I grew up, but now I love it. I “zone out” during the music set in the beginning and I start to reflect on the day, on the week, on the year. The music is joyful, pensive, inspiring.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown has been on my mind a lot lately. In it she mentions in an off-hand way her music playlists – one for running, one for something else?, and one, essentially, for God. That is, thinking about God and spirit and life.

So what are my playlists? What are the songs that bring me back to that feeling, whatever it is?


– Instant Dance party with my Boys: This time for Africa

– Remembering What Was:  Wonderwall

– Pensive about the Present Moment: Good Riddance

– Grateful of Spirit: Be Still

One of the things I miss most about my college and post-college days is living in close proximity to my friends who would introduce me to new music. So here’s your chance friends. Post some songs from today’s playlist & the feeling it evokes for you. Post your Pandora station. Expand my life in soundtrack!

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